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In addition to reading and mastering this book, I highly recommend reviewing some other very relevant and practical material. These following five sources were so powerful and helpful that I often referred to them and quoted them within this book.

1)Keeping Holy: A compilation of letters gathered from the Steipler (Rav Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky) which discuss the importance of Shmirat Habrit (protecting oneself from wasting seed).

2)GYE- There is an amazing organization called ‘Guard Your Eyes’. They are always available to help anyone with their hotline, daily Chizuk emails, Internet filters, and their wide variety of other resources. They also have a very well known eBook available for free. Visit them at or call them at (646)-600- 8100.

3) – This is a completely non-Jewish organization that has been established to combat adult content. Even many of the secular non-Jews have come to the clear conclusion that adult content is severely detrimental in many different ways. I advise everyone to learn more about the topic by visiting their website and reading their many books on this topic.

4) Holy Nation by Lehavas Hatorah

5) You Shall Be Holy by Breslov


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